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EnCase is a series of proprietary forensic software products produced by Guidance Software. It is used by many law enforcement agencies and corporations around the world to support civil/criminal investigations, network investigations, data compliance and electronic discovery.

EnCase is designed to make forensic quality recordings of data stored on PCs, and to recover some insecurely deleted data. The network-enabled version of EnCase is capable of taking snapshots of RAM over time on a target computer. Special training is usually required to operate the software in a law enforcement capacity.

The first thing a user of EnCase will normally do is use the software to create images of suspect media (hard drives, CDs etc). Images are stored in proprietary formats and contain an MD5 or SHA-1 checksum to validate their authenticity. In the same way as dd (and unlike typical imaging software such as Norton Ghost), EnCase makes images that are exact copies of the original, byte for byte, in order to be able to fully examine unused parts of the media for deleted files and so forth.

After imaging, EnCase can be used to examine the files stored in the image using common tools such as a document viewer and hex editor. It can also examine parts of the filesystem not normally exposed to the user, such as deleted file entries, on-disk checksums and log/journaling data. It can also search for and attempt to recover deleted files.

Finally, any relevant files can be saved to the user's PC, along with checksums and other metadata, for use as evidence.

It should be noted that EnCase only uses common tools to perform its analysis, the main benefit to the user being that the tools are all tied together and are of supposedly forensic (i.e. verifiable) quality.

Data recovered by EnCase has been used successfully in various court systems around the world. Notably, the BTK Killer (Dennis Rader) was caught by FBI investigators using this software.

In 2001, Jessica M. Bair, a former U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command Special Agent & computer forensics examiner, created the EnCase Certified Examiner (EnCE) program with John Colbert, to certify professionals in the use of Guidance Software's EnCase computer forensics software. By 2009, over 2,100 professionals were certified in EnCase. In 2006, Bair was the technical editor for the Sybex published Official EnCE Study Guide.

In 2009, Bair created the EnCase Certified eDiscovery Practitioner (EnCEP) program to certify professionals in the use of Guidance Software's EnCase eDiscovery software, as well as their proficiency in eDiscovery planning, project management and best practices spanning legal hold to load file creation.


Federal Stinger Spike System

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Recently I obtained a grant for our police department and purchased a set of Stinger Spikes from Federal Signal. The Stinger XL is a compact, lightweight, easy-to-use tire deflating device that is extremely effective in stopping pursuits involving large vehicles including large
trucks, farm vehicles, and military-type vehicles. Stinger spikes are hollow. This allows air to escape at a controlled rate without causing a blowout or sudden loss of control. The spikes are 2.1" in length and are made of 304-T7 stainless steel. The XL’s new 2.1" length spike acts in conjunction with our patented rock-and-tilt mechanism base. This Stinger technology effectively penetrates thicker tires to safely and quickly end pursuits involving many larger vehicles including large trucks, farm vehicles, and military-type vehicles.

The Stinger XL’s 15 1⁄2' wide system covers multiple traffic lanes and is furnished with replacement spikes, safety tip guards, and a spike replacement tool in a compact, quick-deployment carrying case. Additional Stinger replacement spikes are furnished free of charge. For incredible pursuit stopping power I highly recommend the Stinger Spike System.


A lot of people ask me what bullet proof vest I would recommend to wear. I recently purchased the Point Blank VISION IIIA vest. The vest is very comfortable to me as far as wearing and is a lot lighter than my old vest.

The vest was custom fitted just for me by my uniform supplier, Red The Uniform Tailor out of Milwaukee. The vest is engineered for superior performance, designed for maximum comfort.

Excess body heat and limited flexibility have been critical issues with ballistic protection until VISION. VISION is the first Total Body Armor System that integrates Hi-Performance Ballistic Materials with an innovative carrier design featuring temperature regulating technologies, antimicrobial protection and our exclusive Moisture Control System. These innovations result in significantly cooler, dryer and more comfortable all-day performance.


Waterproof Duty Pants

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There is nothing worse than standing out in the snow or rain for many hours directing traffic at an accident or a special event. After the incident or even is over, you are soaked and cold and badly want a nice hot shower to warm you up. Unfortunately in law enforcement, officers don't have that luxury. They need to have the right gear to help them avoid getting wet.

Along comes 5.11's Patrol Rain pants. which fit over the uniform or tactical pants. These pants are fully lined for easy dressing and are comfortable to wear. They are constructed of high-performance water proof and breathable fabric for the extreme weather.

The pants include a high comfort waistband that covers the lower back, as well as wrapstyle loops to accommodate one or two belts. You can store essentials in the triple pleated cargo pockets, rear zippered pockets and pass through pockets located in the front. The pants also feature:

  • Fully-taped seams and abrasion resistant nylon panels at the knees and lower legs

  • Four way articulated knees

  • A gusseted crotch for a superior fit,comfort and movement.

  • These pants are available in regular and long lengths.

Go to 5.11's website for more information about these must have pants in your duty bag.


At the Police Department where I am a member of, I have had the fortunate experience of programming the new Portable radios that we received through a grant. At first I was nervous ab out the task, but after a little assistance from our sales rep, I was up and running with the program.

The new portables we received were the
Kenwood TK-5210 Portable Radio. The TK-5210 offer conventional FM and conventional P25 digital operation for present and future interoperability requirements for law enforcement, fire and emergency services. It is available in a basic non-display, display and display with keypad models, the 16 Character LCD and controls provide an intuitive user interface simplifying P25 and FM operation for all user types.

The P25 trunked option permits operation on local, regional and statewide Project 25 compliant networked systems. The extra large capacity and Zone programming facilitate departmental, inter-agency interoperability, mutual aid and tactical channel organization. Encryption /ANI control permits basic to high level voice security and dispatch functions satisfying homeland security and confidentiality requirements. Standardized DES-OFB and AES encryption options permits advanced secure interoperable voice communications. Emergency Call and Man-Down for hazardous environment and jail/corrections personnel is supported for P25, FleetSync and MDC-1200/G-Star options.

The TK-5210 have the following features:

• 5W (136 - 174 MHz)
• 4W (450 - 520, 380 - 470 MHz)
• 50 Zones / 512 Channels
• Personality Lists
• Conventional FM / Conventional & Trunked P25 Digital
• FM Analog & P25 Digital Conventional (Standard)
• P25 Digital Trunking (Optional)
• DES 16-Key Secure Encryption Module Option
AES FIPS 140-2 & DES 16-Key SCM Option
• Emergency Feature Set
• Voice Annunciation
• Tactical Group
• Immersion Option (MIL-STD 512.X, IP66/67)
FleetSync® I/II
• Intrinsically Safe Options
• Easy Option Port

So far members of the department really like the radio. The only thing that I have heard complaints about was that when you first turn on the radio, it takes approximately five seconds for it to "boot up" so to speak. Otherwise it is a durable and when built radio. The programming software program is well worth the $600.00 spent considering the place we bought the radios through were going to charge us $60.00 a radio to program. With the 12 portables and 6 base radios in our fleet of vehicles, we have already saved money in programming costs.

Despite the one glitch on taking so long to turn on, I highly recommend the radio because of it's cost and user friendly appearance.